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Versan Avícola
Versan Avícola
Versan Avícola

We produce

eggs since 1978

Our Product, just eggs

Versan Avícola is a Company focused in producing high quality hen eggs and distributing them around Spanish and International markets. Our product quality is certified and holds a superb value. We have achieved excellence through our wide experience and the continuous implementation of R+D in all our processes.

High quality
hen feed
Versan Avícola

Over more than 35 years of experience and product focusing, we produce our own hen feed and are committed to select and lodge the best hen lineages in our farms, applying the latest technologies on animal comfort and sustainable development techniques.

Our own brand


Vergon eggs


Brown and white high quality eggs of all sizes on demand, produced and packed following strict quality standards.




Health and safety are our primary targets. All our products can be fully traced, from laying to consumer.

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