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Our Organization

Versan Avicola, belonging to Grupo Versan, it’s a farm focused in white and brown hen eggs production. Our family do this since 1978, therefore we have highly improved and optimized our processes, targeting high product quality at all time.

Quality is our goal. We are highly strict on all the production chain stages (laying, labelling and packing). Independent approved laboratories check our product in a monthly basis, we are committed to prove our product’s high quality anytime.

Strategy – Quality above all else

Our customers know it. Versan Avicola’s product strategy is based on three key points, Health – Quality – Value. That’s all, we constantly adapt our strategy to hit those targets, and we accomplish it!

Safety and legal rules compliance

Periodically, our teams develop, update and carry on health & safety controls in order to guarantee reliable products anytime, anywhere. Our farm fully complies with the 74/1999 EU directive.


We are involved in respecting natural environment, first complying with all EU environmental rules, but mainly because we understand that, due to the type of product we develop, we have to contribute to keep the environment and guarantee its sustainability for the future generations.

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